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About Us

Welcome to Evergreen Middle School, where originality, creativity, and leadership are coupled with high academic expectations.
Our teachers relentlessly work to build 21st century skills in ALL students (collaboration and teamwork, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and effective communication) in the classroom, out on campus, as well as on any court or field. Caring about the development of the whole child, we aim to assist every student recognize his/her gifts, acknowledge areas of challenge, and improve themselves to truly be the best they can be academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Besides creating strong core students, we also offer several, unique electives; students can broaden horizons, apply their own knowledge and skills, acquire new interests or develop those interests deeply, and connect with staff and other classmates across grade levels. 
Building relationships with our students, their parents, and the community sets our school apart from other institutions. Here at Evergreen our dedicated staff- teachers, aides, office employees, school nurse, bus drivers, and cafeteria, custodial, and maintenance workers- understand and own their role in your child's educational experience; collaboratively, they work to make the learning environment and campus safe, memorable, and fun. 
A strong education opens many doors for students in their future; it's vital we work together to make this happen. Come visit our campus, our classrooms, an athletic event, or our Open House evening, and you'll understand why our motto is "All children can learn and we make the difference." 
Every student is capable of learning, but it is the responsibility of the school system to ensure that the student has that opportunity to realize his/her potential and that we never give up until we find the right combination for learning to take place. In short, that is the reason that we are in the business. Our success or failure is measured by student learning.
Our Creed:

Our Creed:

At Evergreen Union School District we choose…



I have self-control.
I choose to do what is right;
even when it is hard and no one is looking.
I take care of myself so I can help others.
I care for my community.
I act with compassion in all I do.
I choose to be a learner.
I seek help when I need it,
and I learn from my mistakes.
I take opportunities to lead.
I hold myself accountable.
I hold others accountable.
I make this a place I want to be.